Step 3:  Stripe - Fluid Design...

The stripe department is where the color design layout is done by masking off the base color. Precision's standard procedure employs the use of a computer generated/plotter cut spray-mask system. The spray-mask is comprised of 8/36' - 50' masks for the sides of the coach, and 3-4 masks for the front and back caps. Each mask is individually applied by a team of stripe technicians. Every line is 'sighted down' for smoothness: hand tucked around windows, trim, slide out facia, door jambs, lights, vents, and drip and awning rails. If slide-outs are striped, then each line on the slide-out is hand laid by the stripe technician. The use of the spray-mask system combined with the hand layout technique keeps lines smooth and crisp, making the overall paint design fluid. Once the coach has the base coat striped, the coach goes to the color and clear booths.

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